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Richard Pearce and David Pankhurst have been friends all their life, a family, brothers in arms. Since the age of 11 the two became good friends. It wasn't long after they met that Dave introduced Richard to his love of rock music, metal....Iron Maiden to be precise and of course his love for horror movies.

We made lots of horror movies growing up, recreating Freddy and many others.

We played music together and Dave has played in many bands over the years and has always been a crucial part in the creative process, be it song writing, lyrical content or visually on stage or artwork for t shirts and websites. Along with releasing music, videos and touring the UK.

We have always felt that rock music and horror films always went hand in hand together beautifully.

The plan was then to create something unique that would embrace all these elemnts and using our own backgrounds we created ROYAL TEN CLOTHING.

ROYAL TEN CLOTHING isn't just a clothing store, its a brand, a vision, a collective and network of like minded fans of both genres.

We thrive on supporting those that want to be a part of what we are and thats the #royaltenfamily.

Supporting those that are pushing towards their own goals is such a great feeling, it's become a huge community, whether it be within the horror community, musicians, radio stations, podcasts or elsewhere.

Support and exposure is eveything.

To be seen and to be heard is KEY!

We already have some real dedicated people in our network that are really getting our ethos and pushing what we do.

These are part of our network...

A network of ambitious people...

A network that is growing..


The Horror Clothing Music Network


Purchased a T shirt from ROYAL TEN a few weeks back. Fantastic service, fast delivery and the T itself is epic. So happy to fly the flag as a brand ambassador with this brand.

Bob Brockwell

Really cool designs that offer a fresh take on old favourites. Great quality t shirts and fast delivery. Highly recommend.

Phil Stiles

Great designs, high quality. Would 100% recommend.

Gareth Lowe

Great service, Quality products, Awesome alternative

Klair Bear (Mushroom studios)