Dead Demons are a four-piece old school hard rock/heavy metal original band formed in late December 2019. We started out as a rock covers band called Resurrection back in 2014 playing pubs, clubs and venues across the UK. We were fortunate enough to be invited to Los Angeles California by a local radio station C4OC radio where we played at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in Hollywood on Sunset Strip, a truly amazing memory.

Over the years we have had several musician line ups, our current singer Mark Hale joined the band in October 2018 bringing a whole new dimension and unique sound to the band. As the lead guitarist I Chris Weatherall had already dreamt of writing and performing some original material and had put pen to paper writing several songs and arranging music, with this done Dead Demons evolved brought to life by my fellow band members. The title track Dead Demons was written about personal experiences, anxiety/depression and mental health fighting your inner demons.

On March 8th 2020 we entered Supernova studios in Doncaster to record our debut EP, it was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jase Burns. Our aim was to create a raw live feel as a solid base to build on. The recording was delayed due to Covid 19 and we completed the mix in July when restrictions were lifted. Mark Hales vocal powers through the tracks showcasing his ability as a frontman, Chris Jackson’s drums were a solid driving force combined with Richard Towler’s thundering bass lines completed by Chris Weatherall’s guitar riffs and solos. Sadly, due to personal reasons Chris Jackson had to leave the band and Terry Emmerson our current drummer came on board but unfortunately after the 2nd lock down , Terry left the band and the search is on for a new drummer, Richard Towler has also left the band to pursue new music ventures and this opened the door for Peter Harriman to join Dead Demons , Pete has a wealth of experience and is a great Bass player , we are looking forward to working on some new material with Pete and moving forwards 🤘😈🤘 HORNS UP – WHO SAID THAT? - DEAD DEMONS.