Richard and David have been friends all their life, a family, brothers in arms. Since the age of 11 the two became good friends. It wasn't long after they met that Dave introduced Richard to his love of rock music, metal....Iron Maiden to be precise and of course his love for horror movies.
We have always felt that the music and film went hand in hand together and compliment eachother.
We played music together growing up, we made our own horror films. They have always been a passion of ours over the years.
So ROYAL TEN CLOTHING isn't just a business to us both, it's in the DNA of who we are.
Dave produces the ideas and Richard works the long term vision.
The partnership between us is special and we find ourselves working the same ideas, often in sync with eachother.
We are two people with the same plan.
ROYAL TEN CLOTHING isn't just a clothing store, its a brand, a vision, collective and network of like minded fans of both genres.
David Pankhurst
Richard Pearce