ROYAL TEN CLOTHING began as an idea in 2019.
From an early age I have been facsinated by the horror genre.
My stable diet of tv would be filled with vampires, werewolves and zombies.
I would spend hours drawing these evil creatures and loved all the early slasher films such as Friday 13th, Halloween and the Nightmare on Elm street series.
These kinda went hand in hand when I found my love for rock music in 1987.
I picked up the guitar and have played in bands ever since.
I digress...
Taken inspiration from my early years I wanted to do something that would combine my love of horror and my hobbie of drawing and designing artwork.
The inital plan was to create artwork from classic horror films and put together some great looking t shirts on high quality garments at affordable prices.
Last year this website finally went live.
There have been some obstacles in the way but it's still early days and we are not expecting to be millionaires over night haha.
I wanted to bring the music side of my life into RTC too.
The aim is to continue working on artwork that will catch someones eye when they are walking down the street and to help musicians and bands at the same time.
So, ROYAL TEN CLOTHING is now offering endorsements and exposure through our social media too. (see endorsement page for more info)
We hope you enjoy our shirts and hoodies.
Take care and stay safe